RU Ministry

Meeting Friday Nights @ GMBC


6:30pm - Meal - $3.00 Per Person  (1st Visit Free)

7:00pm - 9:00pm - Program  -  Child Care will be provided.

RU MidWeek 

Wednesday Nights - Service Time - 6:30pm

RU 2 

Sunday Mornings - Service Time - 10:00am

Graves will begin a new ministry to help give hope to those in our church and community that struggle with addiction, hurts, and hangups. RU is a faith-based addictions program that for almost 20 years has helped people find freedom from the bondage of addiction and life’s hurts.  At its core, RU is a discipleship program based on God’s Word that leads anyone willing to “work the program” into a deeper and transformative relationship with Jesus Christ!  We want to encourage you to take a look at this ministry and get involved.  Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “But I don’t have any addictions.  Why would I go to an addictions program?”  First, let us just say that addiction is not the problem.  It’s a symptom of a deeper problem.  Sin is the problem.  At RU, you will hear the term “stronghold” to describe any sin that we put before God.  We all have strongholds.  Maybe you really are struggling with serious drug or alcohol addictions, but maybe your stronghold is more about anger or gambling, or maybe you’re just spending too much time online and can’t put your phone down.  If the issues you’re struggling with are causing you to doubt God’s power of victory in your life, we encourage you to take a look at RU. RU will meet every Friday night from 7-9pm here at Graves.  This ministry is open to everyone in the church and in our community.  This is a safe place to come and be loved and received - no matter what!

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